Our history

Our company was founded in 1985. Its founder is the current co-owner - Roman Macioszek.

At the beginning we dealt with only manufactures nail polish remover. With the increased demand for other products, it was founded wholesale household chemicals and cosmetics. It was small and was located in Gniezno on Reymont street.

In 1993 we moved from a small office and warehouse to 5-fold larger room, which was located on the same street. The production plant was located in the village of Dębowiec. With the development of the warehouse began to be traded more and newer products in the series Mr. Roman. At that time the range increased by liquids for washing and dishwashing, and aftershave. In 2001, the company has fully moved to a modernized facility in Gniezno, street Pstrowskiego. Dynamic company had to take further steps related to the extension of the field of warehouse and manufacturing. The result of this was the purchase of 4 hectares of land in the city of Gniezno, the construction of a new facility with modern technology, production and warehouse space. An undoubted advantage was the location of the main communication routes (Poznan, Torun, Bydgoszcz). Modernization has allowed the company to meet the needs of our customers in terms of product range and availability of the finished product.

Today we can be proud of already producing our own brands: dishwashing liquids, washing and rinsing clothes, liquids, glass cleaner, means for descaling, degreasing, washer fluid summer / winter barbecue lighter, automotive chemicals, chemistry, professional cleaning and production many other articles of household / industrial / automotive, everyday use. These products are delivered to many retail chains in Poland and on the markets zagraniczne- Germany, Austria, France, England, Ukraine, Sweden, Slovakia, Bosnia.

In their plans, we intend to introduce measures to clean the shoes, hair gels and many other products. We want to strive to flourish and the company's development for the next levels, but most of all the best to meet customer requirements and ensure that the highest quality. Our constant goal is to products Md Trade give customers satisfaction during everyday use. The confirmation of our efforts is a broad network of customers and a large percentage of "recommendations" as a source of knowledge about the company among new customers.

Thank you and welcome!